A conversation between two flames about their passions and aspirations began. It hit them both like wildfire, a mutual dream. Brilliant ideas were bounced back and forth that day and written down in an already worn notebook. 

It was a pipedream, as more than a decade had passed since the inception, but through those years, the desire continued to gain traction and the concept they dreamed of continued to grow. The dream may have been put on the back burner, but it was turned to low. 

For the past 18+ years, Chef Drew Kramer has been cooking up a multitude of creative and delicious dishes. His career spans from working in the fast-food industry to working beside James Beard award winning chefs, he has quite an impressive repertoire to say the least.  

There is one specific cuisine that he still holds near and dear to his heart that he learned through his culinary adventures, which is Italian. Classically trained in Neapolitan style cuisine, he found his true passion in the culinary arts while working beside famed Chef John Mattiello at the Dove III in Melbourne, FL. The teachings of Chef Mattiello is what makes him strive to be the best Chef and man that he can be.

Chef Drew has the knowledge, ability, and dedication to do anything that needs to get done in order to make a restaurant run. Job titles never stopped him, and nothing is ever beneath him. So much so, he was given the nickname “Battle Axe” by a former coworker, Ben.

Sierra was always interested in culinary arts. As well as photography, art, music, nature, and many, many other things. A multipotentialite. She always found it difficult to narrow down just what she wanted to do in her life. She refused to settle and just wanted to enjoy the so-called simple things in life. 

When she was a child, she would turn her family’s dining room into a restaurant. A sheet was used to separate the dining room from the kitchen. Menus that she crafted herself lay perfectly on a properly set table. It was never just a simple dinner that she would create. It was always a well thought out, creative, multi-course experience for her “customers”. It was a feast. She played the chef, waitress, and busboy. She did it all. 

Besides all of her other interests, there was always an extra spark of joy when she cooked and baked for her family. Although her first dream as a child was to own her own restaurant, self-doubt was always a hindrance. All of that doubt began to fade when a new friend, Cameron, tried one of her desserts. The instant smile that followed the first bite along with the words “you should sell this” immediately made her believe her dream was possible. That moment was never forgotten. 

Shortly after, Drew and Sierra pulled out that old, tattered notebook and got to work. It was time. 

The original concept grew through the years as they pulled ideas from life experiences that inspired them. It was 12 years in the making and it was time to take a risk. It wasn’t a pipedream, and they were going to make it happen. 

They began in a small tent doing pop-ups around town. A food truck was the goal, but they wanted to ensure that their concept was going to be well-received by the community before going all in. It was. Within 8 months of backbreaking work, they took the plunge and ordered a food trailer. During the build time, they immersed themselves in the world of Battle Axe and created what you all have come to know and love, Battle Axe’s Feast. 

With Chef Drew’s culinary skills and Sierra’s creativity and imagination, this is just the beginning of Battle Axe’s Feast.